N&C throughout a multiannual partnership with Siemens first and Unify then, developed an excellent ability in design and implementation of ultimate and most sophisticated VoIP-based technologies.

N&C through a long lasting and steady experience in Voice field is able to operate on traditional TDM solutions or in technologically advanced environments.

We actively cooperate with the major national and international carriers to realize key projects regarding Voice over IP implementations.



The Unified Communication allows the companies to take advantage of the most of their communication resources (TDM telephone exchange or VoIP, Instant Messaging, chat, e-mail, Fax server and video).

In a business environment communicating inside and outside in an immediate and efficient way is a key aspect.

The competitive advantage of every business is the obvious consequence of an efficient management of tools made available by technology.

The adoption of new work tools which can be used either in a work environment and in spare time helps its own employees to increase the efficiency and to make the approach to technology more affordable.

In the current business world in which work can be completed either at home and in mobility the IT and communications convergence allows companies to change the way business is made.


    • N&C with its own certified Expert Engineers team, after an accurate evaluation of customers' requirements, is able to find the best solution either for architecture and technology
    • The partnership developed over the years with Unify allows N&C to relay on its collaboration and support
    • The implementation of a solution requires a proper management of the many resources needed, both they are internal N&C resources and external resources. N&C makes available to the customer Project Managers able to coordinate the various activities, allowing the customer to interact on a single focal point
    • The simplest and the most complex installations are completed with the goal to minimize the disservice, either in the early steps and in the cut-over steps
    • N&C makes available to the customers a centralized NOC able to continuously monitor the managed devices
    • People operating inside the NOC are highly trained, able to analyze the anomalies one by one and to perform a complete diagnosis regarding the issues
    • N&C is widely distributed over the country. This permits to perform on site technical interventions where needed to solve issues as soon as possible
    • N&C warehouses displaced over north, center and south areas of Italy are supplied with enough spare parts. This allows to deal with the most of the failures on the devices covered with maintenance contracts
    • Proactive monitoring in one of the strengths offered by N&C. This allows often to notice possible issues and to solve them before they occurs
    • The right choice of contact centers represents a critical component for most of business competitiveness and profitability. The ability to align your Customer Interaction strategy and your communication technologies is a key factor to determine the quality and success of the customer care service
    • N&C, with its own experience developed over the years, is able to implement successful Contact Center solutions, together with our experts’ know-how and our integration ability. These factors place us in a privileged position to help to create a powerful client interaction platform, fully compliant with any kind of business needs
    • N&C experts are able to provide support, implement, optimize and manage successful Customer Interaction solutions for a wide range of organizations. Our solutions include multimedia, multichannel interaction systems, tools and applications for agent and supervisor workstations and customers relationship management technologies. The use of intelligent routing tools allows to manage multimedia contacts of your customers, while the realization of connections and applications of station agent allows a smart and efficient management of Customer Interaction. The use of management tools (like statistics, resource planning and quality monitoring) allows to detect key factors able to measure the performance regarding the relationship with the customer