about us

N&C S.R.L.

Since 1983 in telecommunication environment, data network, electrical and security systems. With several efficient car vehicles and lab equipments at their disposal that make them able to complete their jobs with advanced techniques and high reliability.


N&C mission is to assist and help their customers in all project life-cycle phases, feasibility analisys, planning, project management, implementation and activation, up to maintenance.


Technological evolution in telecommunication and in Information technology have developed exponentially in last 50 years. In this period we passed from big computers with punch cards working with just one program per time to multi-tasking mini computers and the first Local area network in the '80s, to today's multiprocessor servers and Internet global communication.

Since 1983 we never stopped developing and renovating to be ready to give support to our customers in future technological challenges.

Our company has developed an organizational structure that give us flexibility and quickness: decisive qualities to be able to operate in Telecommunication and Information Technology areas.