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Telemedicine Software


N&C has consolidated experience in ICT services for the healthcare sector operating in the fields of healthcare, unified communication, networking, server/storage and security.

Through a team of highly qualified personnel in the N&C healthcare sector, it is able to offer a comprehensive service from consulting, design and supply of solutions to their configuration and maintenance.

Telemedicine and tracking software

N&C offers healthcare-dedicated solutions needed to promote digital transformation by providing instant access to patient information from any device and any location:

  • Tracking medical equipment
    An "indoor" tracking and localization system ("indoor tracking") that allows you to track and localize resources within a specific site. A resource can be a generic object that the company wants to monitor or a key item of electro-medical equipment for which it requires to constantly know the location of.
    The platform, specifically designed for Healthcare environments following an IoT-Oriented approach, triggers alarms whenever there is an attempt to steal the electro-medical equipment or damage the Wi-Tag
  • Teleconsultation
    Sharing and display of images and laboratory analysis for teleconsultation between the "HUB" and "SPOKE" centres
    Solution, GDPR compliance, capable of integrating multiple reporting and image display systems in a single interface
    SUITESTENSA combines RIS, PACS and applications in an innovative way, simplifying the workflow at every stage of radiological activity, enclosing everything in a single DB and using a single graphical interface
  • PHEBO®
    PHEBO® (Platform for Hi-tech /Hi-touch Evaluation of Biometrics Observation) is an innovative eHealth Care system that supports healthcare professionals in home telemonitoring, telehealth, telecomfort, teleassistance and telemedicine activities in general

Over the years, the Healthcare Business Unit has become a benchmark in the sector, N&C through highly qualified personnel also offers:

  • Substitute storage
  • Qualified consultancy in the field of GDPR
  • Data and information security
  • Dedicated software developments