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Localization of company resources


Thanks to one of its an investee company, which comprises a specialised team of highly qualified engineers, N&C has developed an "indoor" tracking and localization system that makes it possible to track and localize company resources within a specific site.

A resource can be a generic object that the company wishes to monitor or and for which it requires the constant monitoring of its position in order to avoid theft or loss.

The platform, which follows an IoT-Oriented approach, triggers alarms whenever there is an attempted theft of the resource or an attack on the Wi-Tag attached to it.

The real-time mapping of the position of company resources, in the areas of interest, saves time and money by ensuring the availability of the asset where and when it is needed. With the added-value of system making it possible to reduce cases of theft and loss.

Flexibility: given that the product has been entirely developed by N&C, it guarantees a high level of customization that meets the needs of customers from a 360° perspective.

Who is corporate asset tracking aimed at?

Asset Tracking is aimed at hospitals for a real-time control of the position of medical or electro-medical equipment, as well as manufacturing industries for a constant control of goods in stock.

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