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Design and installation of corporate networks




Today the activitiy of networking that is not left to chance and is instead developed over the long term, requiring specific organization and management skills.

N&C has long been a guarantee of this with its ITIL certified Project Managers, with ISO 27001 certification and with its internal policies regulated by ITIL process management flows.

The level of professionals that N&C provides has always guaranteed achieving customer expectations and the cohesion that unites the team in developing a project is one of our strengths.

Today more than ever with the complexity of the systems and the speed of technological updates, customers require a reliable and complete Partner who can share the project from its inception and who is fully aligned with the relevant needs to design, implement and manage the most appropriate technological solution.

Using qualified engineers certified in the production of architectural solutions for DataCenter Network Security and VoIP Infrastructure, we make the design service one of our strengths. We believe in the creation of a functional network infrastructure that leaves a margin for continuous technological renewal.

Our architects are able to tailor-make any type of infrastructure required, taking into account the effective needs of the customer.

Thanks to the constant synergy between the Architects Team and the System Engineers Team, we are able to create any type of network in our laboratories, simulating the project that we will implement in the field.

This methodology in the implementation of the project guarantees an excellent success rate in the installation and/or migration phase, being able to "cold" simulate any type of infrastructure failure.

In the subsequent operational phase, the presence of a PM who supervises, manages and coordinates the installation activities, guarantees a constant update flow towards the customer's representatives, who will be made aware of the project implementation in real time.

Finally, the issue of the project certification will guarantee the phases agreed with the customer.

The desire to offer a complete service to the customer cannot neglect the management of the Infrastructure after its design and implementation.

N&C has put all its experience into practice, creating a state-of-the-art NOC in its two main offices in Veglie (LE) and Orbassano (TO), choosing from among the best network management and monitoring products.

The NOC Engineer Team is able to guarantee a high-level troubleshooting service, with the support of senior system engineers and architects where high-level skills are needed.

Our professional figures

    A senior profile with an excellent mastery of issues related to the deployment of advanced technologies. Responsible for designing the project both from the topological and implementation point of view
    Has a vision of technological problems that also extends to systems and applications. A senior profile with solid professional experience
    Mainly deals with active devices, has good experience in the field as well as considerable knowledge of products and technologies
    Mainly deals with issues related to the wiring and interconnection of active devices with first level intervention capacity
    Equipped with a solid experience gained in high-level activities, has developed the ability to understand technological scenarios and to seize business opportunities by guiding the customer in their strategic choices
    An ITIL-certified senior with considerable experience in managing major projects and knowledge of the most modern project management techniques. Deals with operational management in our work of designing and installing corporate networks