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Si vous êtes intéressé(e) par l'un des postes vacants suivants, veuillez nous contacter en remplissant le formulaire ci-dessous.

Sistemista 2° livello Network x SPOC Fastweb

• Conoscenza delle reti TCP/IP (IPV4/IPV6); • Competenza in hardware, software, server, networking e troubleshooting;
• Supportare il personale tecnico sul campo;

UI/UX Designer

• Knowledge of User Interface and User Experience tools (e.g. Figma, Sketch, Invision, Adobe CS) 
• Ability to process graphic content and visual solutions that are consistent with the corporate image
• Relational skills and willingness to work in teams

Microsoft System Administrator

• Governo dei processi di system administration, patching ed evoluzione dell’infrastruttura.
• Buona conoscenza in ambito amministrazione di sistemi Active Directory, Gestione policy, Profilazione utenti, DHCP e DNS, Gestione PDL.

Security IT System Administrator

• Gestione dei processi di sicurezza dell’infrastruttura IT. 
• Ottima conoscenza dei sistemi Fortinet
• Definire e garantire l'applicazione delle politiche e delle procedure di sicurezza informatica.
• Identificare e analizzare i rischi di minacce informatiche

IT System Administrator

• Competenze tecniche nell'amministrazione di piattaforme Windows, Linux, Microsoft 365 ed ambienti virtualizzati
• Governo dei processi di system administration, patching ed evoluzione dell’infrastruttura.
• Ottima capacità di troubleshooting dei sistemi IT.

Software Developer

• Laurea in Ingegneria Informatica o percorsi equivalenti; • Esperienza in analoga mansione presso contesti aziendali strutturati o in Progetti di Ricerca e Sviluppo;
• Conoscenza degli strumenti di collaborazione e versionamento del codice (Git);

Senior System Engineer

• Experience in managing, troubleshooting and basic configuration of HP switches
• Experience in managing WAN/LAN networks and troubleshooting associated issues

Network Operations Center Engineer

• Degree in Telecommunications/Informatics/Electronics
• Networking experience on Service Provider and/or Datacenter networks
• CCNA R&D certification is active
• Good knowledge of TCP/IP networks (IPV4/IPV6)

Senior Network Engineer

• Degree in Computer Engineering or Electronics 
• Cisco Professional CCNP Certifications
• Ability to manage CAMPUS network infrastructures and datacenters

Senior Presales ICT

• Degree in Engineering (Telecommunications/Electronics/Informatics) 
• Experience in IT/ICT professional services
• Experience and autonomy in research information to be included in proposals

Project Manager ICT - TLC

• Reporting and Presentation skills for the preparation of technical documents and cost assessments
• Good organizational, coordination and leadership skills
• Proven experience in ICT and TLC project management

Service Manager

• Managing customer commissioned activities by adopting and promoting agile and service management methodologies • Managing communication with client and sub-contractors
• Planning customer support activities
• Ensuring compliance with project specifications


• Degree in Engineering/Mechanical or Engineering
• Relation and trading skills and knowledge of the relevant market
• Very good capacity to use computer systems (Office Package)

Red Hat/VMware System Engineer

• Degree in Computer Science 
• Providing troubleshooting support for the Middleware component
• Vmware Vsphere Installation and Management
• Knowledge of hardware and software components of a computer system

Oracle Database/Linux System Engineer

• Degree in Computer Science
• Knowledge of Microsoft operating systems (Server and Client) and Linux operating systems
• Second-level knowledge of LAN and data transmission issues in general and virtualization environments

Software Engineer

• Degree in Computer Science/Engineering
• Experience in designing and developing software modules
• Proactivity, problem solving and goal orientation
• Development experience in ERP and Bigdata

Management Control

• Degree in Economics/Management Engineering and MBA
• Analysis, accuracy and reliability skills
• Excellent general accounting skills and budget closures
• Ability to work on project management, team building, problem solving

Purchasing Specialist

• Contact with suppliers and quality control of service
• Management of orders according to quality, quantity and timing criteria
• Management and monitoring of configurable purchase price lists
• Prompt orders and reporting management

IT Security Specialist

• Degree in Computer Science 
• Assistance in identifying IT security impacts and risks
• Support in investigation of large and small scale cyber violation
• Search for threats within internal networks and customers

Security Consultant

• Degree in Science
• Troubleshooting experience of at least 5 years
• Detailed protocol analysis capability via Wireshark
• Certifications Cisco Professional, Fortinet NSE 6 Specialist and Cisco CCNP Security active continuously for at least 3 years

Mobile Device Management

• Degree in Science
• At least 5 years troubleshooting experience
• Airwatch AWEM Professional certification has been active continuously for at least 2 years
• At least 3 years of experience in the compilation of technical projects

Hardware Engineer

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Electronics Engineering 
• Knowledge of the main communication and security protocols
• Encryption and Data Backup Technologies
• Hardware and Industrial Security Design Experience

IT Manager

• Drive technically, deploy and collaborate on hybrid and public cloud projects
• Implement Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and IT Security Architectures
• Create and run IT procedures to keep systems sound and operational

HR Specialist

• Master’s degree in humanities or specialization in HR
• Excellent communication, relational and team-working skills
• High analytical capabilities and attention to detail
• Capacity to use the Excel application and the Office Package in general

Logistics Manager

• Degree in Engineering, preferably Logistics or Management
• Supply chain logic, logistics and Lean Production
• Familiarity in the use of the main computer tools

Marketing Specialist

• Passion for digital world and curiosity for new investment channels 
• Social Media Marketing and Marketing B2B
• Strong negotiating skills
• Web Marketing and Omnichannel Marketing



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